Purple Candy Waterproof Nylon Shoulder Bag.紫色防水尼龍單肩斜挎袋
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Purple Candy Waterproof Nylon Shoulder Bag.紫色防水尼龍單肩斜挎袋

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Made in Thailand
由 Japfac 所設計的側背/手提袋簡約時尚,細節及用料非常講究,以優質防水物料製造,承載力極高,實用性強,設有多個口袋,方便收納各種隨身物品,快速取放東西。

◆ 外部設有1個拉鍊口袋,可供放置個人物品
◆ 附有兩種背帶,適合手提、側背或斜挎,自由轉換,切合不同需要
◆ 以優質防水尼龍製造,堅韌耐久的布質,承載力極高
◆ 內部和外部共設有6個口袋,其中2個為拉鍊口袋,輕鬆整理隨身物品
◆ 設計中性,適合男女使用

The take-it-anywhere bag that packs more than you think. Lightweight and waterproof, these bags make great travel companions for transit or rough adventure. The included paracord strap is made with the same material that hold parachutes.

◆ External zipper pocket for secure convenience
◆ Includes two interchangeable straps: Adjustable nylon and durable paracord.
◆ Waterproof nylon material and secure zippers
◆ 6 pockets with 2 zipper pockets
◆ Unisex and universal design

    Dimensions / 尺寸 28cm(W) x 18cm(H) x 8cm(D)
    Materials / 材質 Waterproof Nylon Fabric
    Hardware / 硬件 2 Straps — Nylon strap & Paracord 550 strap
    Construction / 製造方式 Precision machine-stitched in family-owned factory
    Origin / 產地 Bangkok, Thailand
    Weight / 重量  0.25 kg
    Brand / 品牌 Japfac





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