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How to find the perfect wall art for your house

Victor Wan
22 May , 2019
Wall art can easily draw your eyes, pulls everything together and make your house look great. But it takes time to search the perfect piece for you, so we sum up a few tips to help you to select the right pieces.
Choose the right size
Make sure have enough spacing between ceiling, sofa and your art.
If the size of a picture or photo is longer than your sofa, it’s too large.
One small piece of photo can’t fill your wall, but a group of the photo will work fine.
Choose the right color
Choose the different shades to match with the wall or the right texture fit in your room
Only select the wall art if that color fits well in your room. 
Stay away from the bold color, it does not always work.
Limit number of color, stay with two or three will work well.
Choose the right place
If the living room is too packed already, try to pick the dining room or kitchen instead.
Kitchen and washroom might not the right place because the temperature will damage the art slowly.
A small artwork might suitable for bedroom, and it will not too eye-catching in it.

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